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the Rosé B* is a hub for all influencers in India. A movement to decode influence by women creators in a modern digitally connected world with knowledge and edge.

We are the leading destination for aspirational yet accessible content for all the Indian fashionistas who want to make their digital and style presence more concrete.

We will dig into the lives of global street style stars and influencers and give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how brands work with influencer, while assisting to you reach that level.

Our style is conversational but smart – we’re your in-the-know, intelligent, well-connected best friend that can get you top tips and insights from experts, solve your influencer problems, push you to publish your best quality of work, inspire you when you are running out of ideas, keep you from throwing your phone when you get only 20 likes, and motivate you to grab a glass (or sometimes a bottle, shh) of Rosé and start typing.

Fresh and informative with just a touch of reckless courage to make you the best influencer you can be. #RoséSquad

the Rosé B* has evolved and expanded to become a one-stop destination for an intimate look at luxury lifestyles and global tastemakers in a unique way by offering a behind-the-scenes look at all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, while providing unique interaction possibilities between brands and our growing influential audience.

To learn more about our parent company, The Rosé Media Group, click here.