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Rosé Affiliate Ambassador Program REGISTRATION

Thanks so much for your interest in joining our Rosé Affiliate Ambassador Program! We’d love to get you involved in the “Rosé Affiliate Ambassador Program.” This year is all about taking The Daily Rosé to the next level, and we’re looking for influential members to join us.

Being an ambassador means letting your friends and followers know about our daily mini magazine and representing our brand. You start earning 25%* commission from day 1, we send you Rosé swag when you hit certain subscriber numbers, hold contests within the ambassador community for stylish prizes, and also have a private Facebook group where you can interact and connect with fellow members from around India. You are also the first to know about exciting things happening at The Rosé B* HQ, like which influencers we’re working with, one-on-one guidance, monthly content themes, and brand partnerships.

With competitive commission rates on all products we stock there is good potential to partner with us and secure exclusive rates of up to 25%*. We validate commissions frequently, so that our affiliates get their money as soon as possible.

In order to receive your official welcome letter, we ask that you are an Official Rosé Influencer (6 months or Yearly subscription). Subscribe here.

Once you have registered and have gotten approved, you can begin inviting people to subscribe and purchase to start earning. Start thinking of fashionable classmates/co-workers, your blogger besties, and anyone who is as obsessed with blogging or social media as we are. Anyone style-minded, who you think would enjoy finding The Daily Rosé in their inbox every morning or would benefit from our guides.

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