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The term ‘athleisure’ and the trend have evolved quite a bit in the past 12 months. Nope, it’s no more about wearing pajamas all day  or rolling out of bed and heading to college. There is serious thought and fashion sensibilities behind an outfit to be qualified as athleisure.


Many people, just hate the trend and find it ‘disgusting.’ In many’s opinion, it is an excuse for people to no longer care about what they look like. We definitely think athleisure can be sloppy, but it can also look very put together. Like most things in fashion/life in general, it depends on the person who’s calling the shots.

There’s a big difference between being on-trend/in-style and having style.

A focus on trends as a form of personal style ensures that you’re always chasing the next thing and will undoubtedly amass a collection of clothes that, after one season, will sit in your closet in perpetuity and leave you to ponder, “What was I even thinking?” when you do finally get around to closet cleaning.

Athleisure has evolved. Selena is wearing it on the streets of Paris and high-tech fabrics are being used to create a hybrid athletic-leisure style. It has actually spawned terms like aprés-sport and gym-to-office. Somewhere, someone is having a laugh. Maybe that’s you right now. The market sees established sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas discussed in the same breath as new daily launches and high-street retailers like H&M who have moved into that market.

In a recent blog post, chief industry analyst Marshal Cohen pegged pajamas becoming a normal part of weekend wardrobes as one of his top expectations for the year ahead. Cohen, also, adds that the behavior is becoming mainstream. “It has all the indications of a trend emerging,” he explains, pointing to sales patterns, surveys of consumers, and his own observations.

Luxury labels such as Gucci, Lanvin, and Dolce & Gabbana are on the bandwagon already. Dolce & Gabbana hosted a celeb-filled pajama party last year. The idea behind it – if A-listers are doing it, why can’t the normal folks be wearing fancy pajamas for non-sleep use as well. These luxury pajamas, often in high-end fabrics,  are for those with millionaire nonchalance rather than slovenly disregard. Dolce & Gabbana brings ₹72,178 men’s pajama shirt in silk twill to the market, while Gucci raises the stake with embroidered wool for ₹81,318. KenzoXHM brought in pajama shirts for those with lighter wallets.

We’ve gotten so casual that we’re going to be wearing our bathrobes out on the street. Half joking—but only half. We draw the line there.

Earlier this year, Merriam-Webster announced it was adding the word ‘Athleisure’ to the dictionary and defined it as “casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and for general use”. The term has gone mainstream. Nothing kills cool like mainstream attention, after all. At least for hipsters-at-heart.

—by the B*

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