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While most things we see on the runway seem a far distant from practicality, the miniature tiny bags are bugging us the most.


Tiny bags. What the f*ck actually fits in there, seriously? Who is carrying the rest of your stuff for you? For us, normal folks, tiny bags are like Ryan Gosling – something we’d like to think works out but, realistically, is just us watching La La Land on repeat. This trends doesn’t seem to be doing a disappearing act anytime soon. Micro or nano bags are back again with Prada making the tiniest ones possible. We are not fans. Net A Porter’s mini-bag section has listing of the most luxurious brands with $1000+ price tags for tiny pieces of leather. Mark Cross’s large Grace bag comes in at $3802, while the mini Grace, at a third of the size, is still a whopping £2374 (and, realistically, will only fit a phone, 1 card and 1 lipstick). So, not only can you carry less, but it’s also nearly the same price – talk about getting ripped off.

But that’s not all. Along with white coats and pale suede shoes, mini bags convey mythical perfection. Many of us have seen A-listers sport the tiniest bags while traveling or at functions. Fact – they do have a few people running behind them with lipstick brushes and a car ferrying them around. In reality, the 3 people behind the starlet is probably having to heave everything around in several tote bags.

Hilariously, Seth Meyers asked Taylor Swift the question on everyone’s mind – what is up with the chic Prada bag at the gym?

Where did the magic of functionality go? The beautiful meeting of design and function is what makes a product classic.
Here are a few bags that proves so:

Skorpios Leather Market Bag

Black West End Small Top Handle Bag

Tote With Metallic Handles

Don’t you agree?

—by the B*

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